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My Heart is Set On You.

I’m Always Late with My Words.

Glancing through her messages, Jenna was surprised to see one from Katie. Sure, two had discussed them talking, but some part of Jenna hadn’t actually thought anything would come of it. It had just been an idea, one that she’d doubted would actually see the light. Biting her lip, Jenna sighed, and texted Katie back, saying they could meet in the hotel lobby to talk. She was trying to remain optimistic about it, because it would be nice to put all of the drama with Katie behind her. She was tired of always seeing the two of their names on the Anti-Grapevine, it was truly draining for her to have to always have a living reminder of all of the trouble between her and Drew lately plastered all over Chantay’s blog. She wanted to put all of the recent drama behind her, and if a talk with Katie allowed her to do that, she was perfectly willing to do so. 

Walking out of her hotel room, Jenna slowly walked down the hall, knowing that if she was caught by Simpson, she’d be in trouble. Some part of her questioned the risk she was taking, but she knew that putting all of the mess of drama behind her would be, in fact, worth the possibility of any punishment Simpson could force on her. She needed this, and judging from the blast of posts Chantay had posted about Katie lately, she assumed Katie probably did too. Being labeled a homewrecker wasn’t a good start to any town, Jenna knew that, and some part of her pitied Katie because of it. Katie didn’t deserve that, Jenna knew that, and she knew her past actions towards Katie probably hadn’t helped matters.

As she walked into the lobby, she saw Katie lounging on a couch, and took a moment to look her over, as if she was sizing her up. Katie was really pretty, Jenna noticed, and she knew it was her insecurity and knowledge of how pretty Katie was that had caused her to resent the girl. But, as she moved to speak, Jenna knew now was the time to put all past judgements behind her - this was a new start. Quietly, Jenna spoke, nerves getting the best of her,” Hi, Katie… You wanted to talk?”

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