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My Heart is Set On You.

You Always Got the Worst of Me.

He was always there.

His words of anger played over and over in her head, a soundtrack to her internal demise. Echoes of their past love lay scattered on the floor, always a constant reminder to her of their break. Slowly and surely, she was falling farther from sanity, pulled down by his terrible gravity. She’d been broken by their tragedy.

She woke every morning with the same sheen of sweat, the same terror as his voice faded. Her sleep had become dominated by nightmares, there was no longer an escape for her in slumber. He had tainted that too, infecting her heart and mind with his poison.

She couldn’t live like this, she knew that, but she couldn’t muster up the strength to fight her way out of her captivity in his hands. It was too hard for her to fight right now, her finite strength had run dry. One day soon, she knew she would need to muster up her courage and break free of his gravity, but she didn’t have the strength just yet.

The truth hadn’t set her free.

In admitting the truth to her friends, she’d just given him reason to entangle her in his web further, and she was in over her head. 

The only thing that could set her free was herself. A feat she wasn’t so sure she could accomplish yet. Today wasn’t the day for breaking free, she knew that, but someday soon, it would be. Because time was running out.

But, today she could make one small step towards recovery, a minute one that would be meaningless to everyone else but mean everything to her. Sitting up from her bed, she rose, knowing what she had in mind. Walking over to her closet, she pulled a box down from a shelf, and set it down on her bed. Her footsteps heavy, she walked over to her dresser, and pulled out a shirt, one after another, and folded them neatly into the box, followed by the pictures she’d hidden under her bed. Tears fell from her eyes as she placed what was left of her heart in the box, but she knew it had to be done.

She needed closure, on him, and even though she knew it wasn’t entirely possible yet, she knew this was a small step towards it. The constant reminders of him were pulling her down, and the haunting memories needed to be silenced. If locking away their past in a box was a solution, she knew that she needed to do it, for herself. She was on her own now.

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